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This professional service is designed to deliver outstanding results while protecting the privacy of your work environment. 

Jett Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Maintaining your house exterior can be a tricky job, especially if you have multiple windows on high floors. Jett Window Cleaning offers professional window washing services for your home, that saves you time, money and efforts.

Gutter Clearing

Keeping your house’s drain system clean is an essential part of the exterior care of every property. We have plenty of experience in home improvement and this service makes no exception.

Fascia / Soffit Cleaning

Wooden Fascia/Soffits may need more attention in order to keep them protected and prevent them from rotting. With regular maintenance, they can be kept in good condition for years, avoiding costly replacements.

Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatories are a beautiful but costly investment. If you want to preserve the great look of yours and avoid expensive repairs you need to maintain it regularly. We can save you hours of scrubbing and restore the glory of your skylight windows in a fast and effective way.

Jett Window Cleaning FAQ

Have you received a text the day before letting you know we’ll be round the next day? If not fill in the form on the customer service page and we’ll be in touch.
Unfortunately this in not possible, we have set rounds for when we’re in your specific street/area. We can either clean what we can get to from the front or leave it until the month after.
We use pure water to clean your windows. This involves the use of carbon fibre telescopic poles, a soft brush and 100% pure water which we have filtered through a five stage filtration process. The pure water is then left on the windows to dry naturally without leaving any streaks or watermarks.
We will always clean your Velux windows and skylights if they are accessible but we cannot guarantee the quality of the clean. The pole and brush we use are very lightweight and we cannot use any downward pressure (unlike normal windows) therefore the only weight applied is that used from gravity. However after a few cleans and the majority of the time this is enough the remove bird muck, dust, algae, pollen etc.

As our customers are put into monthly rounds we aim for the same date every month e.g. 15th of the month, although this doesn’t always happen. This can be for a number of reasons for example if the date falls on a Sunday, we don’t work on Sundays so we will visit on the nearest possible date. Essentially we could be a few days either side of your selected round date.

This is similar to the previous question; we will try and ensure that the same window cleaner comes every time. We know you get to like and trust your own personal window cleaner but this can be difficult if the worker is off sick or on holiday then we’ll need another staff member to fill in for them. Rest assured all our staff receive the same expert training, are all CRB checked and every staff member will act professionally at all times.
We send an automated text the day we before we come to clean the windows which is also a reminder to open the gate. If you have forgotten to unlock the gate depending on how tall/easy the gate is to climb we will attempt to climb over and clean all the windows. If we can’t do that then we’ll clean all the windows we can get to. We reserve the right to remove you from our round if this continues to happen.
If you have signed up for our yearly deal then you have nothing to worry about as you have paid up for the year in advance. You can pay by bank transfer – when we call and clean the windows we’ll leave a card with our bank details on the back so you can do a bank transfer, please don’t forget to put your address as the reference so we know who’s paid. We also accept cash and cheque if you’d prefer to pay this way.
Yes on every visit we will clean your sills and frames. There is always a chance of water and dirt particles running out from the gap between the window and sill after our operative has left. This doesn’t mean they haven’t been cleaned. Over time the dirt trapped between the window and sill will be washed out. Doors are a bit different as some doors leak, so our expert cleaners will make a judgement as to whether they should clean the door. Basically some we will and some we won’t, if you’d like your door cleaning or not cleaning speak to our operative or fill in the customer services form. Please note we will not accept liability for any damage from leaks that your door may have.
Yes on 99.9% of occasions, it’s extremely rare that we can’t get to a window with our water fed pole system.
Yes we clean windows in the rain, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to offer a regular cleaning service. Rain water is relatively pure so will not affect the quality of our clean. We offer a 48 hour guarantee where if you’re not happy with our clean and let us know within the first 48 hours we’ll come back and clean your windows for free.
We only clean windows using the water fed pole system. We believe it gives better results overall as we can clean your frames and sills at the same time. It is also much safer for our staff members.
Yes, we offer a 48 hour guarantee. If you’re not satisfied we’ll come back and reclean for free. To book a reclean just fill in the customer service form. A call out charge may be applied if we return and find it’s dirt on the inside or a failed unit. Please note there may be one or two water spots on the glass this is a trade-off between quality and safety, we’ll only accept a reclean if there are excessive water marks.
Your window, frames and sills should be sparkling clean. If your last window cleaner used soapy water and a cloth to clean your windows or your windows haven’t been cleaned in a long time you might notice a few spots or water marks when the water has dried. This is totally normal , the pure water draws out left over soap residue and dirt from the frames. After the second clean your windows should be sparkling clean. Please note there may be one or two water spots on the glass this is a trade-off between quality and safety.
Yes we have public liability up to £5,000,000
We only clean internal windows on commercial cleans unfortunately we don’t offer this service for residential customers.
Conservatory roofs are classed as separate jobs and prices separately. You can see our prices and book in the job on our conservatory cleaning page.
We cannot guarantee times or appointments as we can get held up at a job or a job may not take as long as we think therefore we do not give you a specific time for our regular window cleaning service. Just leave your gate open for the day and we’ll be with you between 8am-6pm.
If you wish to cancel please fill in the form on the customer services page. If you’re moving why not take us with you? We cover Leicestershire and surrounding areas.
We offer an every 2 monthly service as some customers prefer to have fewer visits per year. The price is higher simply because it takes us longer to clean the windows as there is more dirt and dust. Our first clean/one off cleans are more expensive for the same reason but they are normally a lot dirtier and take a significant amount more effort and time to clean. Also we like to reward our regular customers by giving them a better price.
If you have no gate or rear access we can clean the front windows. This will be 50% of the price of a full house (you can find this out by filling in our price builder) then just fill in our customer service page and let us know which package you’d prefer. Due to past insurance claims we no longer bring hoses through the house.
Please take a look at our Term’s & Condition’s
Unfortunately not, our pure water cleaning system uses a soft brush to remove everyday dirt. It’s not designed to remove cement, mortar, paint or silicone. We also find that customers are too quick to blame the window cleaner for scratching the glass when it was in fact caused by the builders.
We’re always happy to listen to our customer’s feedback and we will do our upmost to provide you with fantastic customer service. Please fill in our customer service page and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

What our Clients Say?

Reliable, very pleasant and did a very good job of cleaning windows internal and external.
Harriet Nicholls
Great job very professional highly recommend. Thanks
Rebecca Robins
Couldn’t wish for anything more! Pleasant, on time, best price, Excellent job & very friendly. - No need to be there - great workers Thank you Scott My windows, pvc & guttering look brand new
D Bawden
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